Former Starbucks Employee Reveals The Secrets Behind Everybody’s Favorite Coffee Chain

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During college, I started my two-year employment at a local Starbucks coffeehouse. Like any job, there were ups and downs, but overall, I still consider it a pretty decent first job. Would I do it again? Never in a million years. From being treated like dirt to constantly smelling of coffee, I’ve seen far too much and hung up my apron for good.

However, I learned a few secrets during my time as a barista, and as I’ve never been good at keeping secrets, I think it’s time you found out what Starbucks’ employees really get up to behind the counter, what they really think about their customers, and whether or not all those scandalous stories are real…

Spelling Your Name Wrong

There’s a huge thing that goes around the internet and social media every few months about Starbucks employees not being able to spell our customers’ names correctly. Although they may seem like simple mistakes, when we’re having a busy morning, the last thing we care about is the correct spelling of “Kate”, or “Cate”, or “Cait”.

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When you’re in a rush, names just become sounds and we’ll write them phonetically. For example, “Sophia” will become “sofea”. Some managers also encourage misspellings, as we know people are likely to share the mistake – and therefore, the brand – on social media.